The ELW Plus series is the latest waterproof weighing scale model by Excell Precision. It is IP68 certified and its overall design adds on to its efficiency and effectiveness. Some features include:

    • High speed of 24 bits AD fast reacts and shortens weighing operation duration
    • Sealed waterproof silica gel strip to prevent liquid infiltration into scale
    • ABS housing that makes the scale lighter
    • Aluminium frames coated with anti-corrosion treatment for longer usage lifespan

Portable & compact design Selectable units: kilograms (kg), grams (g), pound (lb) & ounce (oz)

Model ELW Plus-3 ELW-E Plus-3 ELW Plus-6 ELW-E Plus-6 ELW Plus-15 ELW-E Plus-15 ELW Plus-30 ELW-E Plus-30
Capacity (kg) 3kg 3kg 6kg 6kg 15kg 15kg 30kg 30kg
Readability (Division) (g) 0.5g 1.0g 1.0g 2.0g 2.0g 5.0g 5.0g 10.0g
Resolution 1/6,000 1/3,000 1/6,000 1/3,000 1/7,500 1/3,000 1/6,000 1/3,000
Power Supply (Type) AC 100V~240V (±10%) adapter / DC 6V / 4Ah rechargeable battery
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 40°C (14°F ~ 104°F)
Dimensions (mm) 270 × 124 × 310mm (W×H×D)
IP Grade IP68
LCD Display 35 x 108mm; 6 digits, 25mm (height), LED backlight
LED Display 35 x 108mm; 6 digits, 15mm (height)

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